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About Us
Celebrating his first birthday with a cake from Shayna Bs to meet all his allergy concerns (he seems to like it, but see what his mom had to say about it in, reviews and tastings) 

Contrary to popular belief, Shayna is not the owner of Shayna B's & the Pickle.  Instead, Shayna is the yellow lab, and the Pickle, is the black lab, aka, Dillon (Dillon, Dill Pickle, the Pickle... you get it.) Both have a sweet tooth but much to their dismay, are not allowed to taste-test the items.  But they are very proud to be on the label. 

Christine Reed, owner and operator, is committed to creating goods that are vegan, and wheat-free/gluten-free, while being mindful of the impact on the environment.   This means using local and organically grown ingredients as much as possible. And the packaging used to protect these delicious treats is all compostable. Shayna B's kitchen is also powered by 100 % renewable energy sources. 

To place an order, discuss allergy concerns or to inquire about where to buy her items near you contact her:
email: or   phone 860.428.3835.  If you do not receive a reply, chances are she did not receive your message; Christine appreciates and reads all responses, so please try again.  

Currently available at the following locations:

Avellino Restaurant ~ Sturbridge, MA
Bartleby's Café ~ Mystic, CT
Middle Ground Café ~ Stafford Springs, CT
Pizzetta Pizza ~ Mystic CT
Soleil & Sun Bakery ~ Woodstock, CT
The Willimantic Food Co-op ~ Willimantic CT

































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